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I ordered 3 of these Popples, one for each of my three kids. They are all cute and of fairly good quality as stuffies go - but this one, "Yikes," is my least favorite because of the shape of his head. The whole town thinks Yikes is a genius after Lulu switches tests with him; Yikes and Mike Mine face a big challenge on Palentine's Day. Lulu's new invention leaves the Popples acting like zombies. 9. Pop n Hop Til You Drop / Stop the Robo Pop 25m. The pals find a creative way to teach Izzy a new dance; Lulu programs Help-R to help her. Yikes' "rapping" is a reference to Snoop Dogg's song Suited n Booted. When Lulu is using the popcoder to hear Yikes' mockery of Izzy, Yikes mentioned that Izzy is afraid of mice, snakes, his own shadow, wind, and feathers. Welcome to the Official YouTube Channel of Popples! The series is about a unique species of creatures called Popples, and specifically about a core group of. When a clip from "Fame & Misfortune" shows two Popplopolis citizens filming Yikes after he fills himself some helium from a helium tank, the female Popple has a different line. Instead of "The Pop Pals rule!", she said, "I got him in video!". On the second official Popples YouTube channel, the webisode is called "Meet Yikes!".

The Best Popple Pals is a group of Popple friends in Popplopolis that consists of Bubbles, Izzy, Lulu, Sunny, and Yikes. They all serve as the main protagonists of Popples. Members Sunny: A tomboyish Popple who's both the athlete and the de-facto leader of the group., Bubbles: A sweet bubbly. Popples is a children's animated television series based on the Popples toy line produced by Saban Brands and Zagtoon.The series portrays the adventures of the comedic pals Bubbles, Sunny, Lulu, Izzy, and Yikes. It is an original series distributed by Netflix.The last Popples television adaptation to air was a 1986 animated series. On May 1, 2018, Saban Brands sold Popples to Hasbro.

Popples is a CGI animated French series under the ZAG Toon brand and it is based on the Popples toy line. It is co-produced by Zagtoon, Method Animation, Saban Brands, and Nexus Factory It premiered around the world starting in fall of 2015. The show is licensed by and premiered on Netflix in.
Adventure is always a pop, skip and jump away for these 5 best friends! Watch Bubble, Sunny, Lulu, Yikes and Izzy in the brand new Netflix Original Series, P. Bring home hoppin’ poppin’ adventure with the Popples Pop Up Figures! Push down on this Yikes Pop Up Figure to transform from a full character to a colorful rolling ball — and back again!

Popples Popples, Yikes 8 Inch Plush. Join the Popples in Popplopolis! The new Netflix series where the Popple Pals are waiting to pop into your hearts. Popples are your plush pals that turn into a ball and then pop out! Join Yikes the silly, enthusiastic, wacky ball of fun who loves pie, pizza and his Best Popple Pals. Yikes has a surprise for you!

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