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we had to start a new page for current kittens available. all kittens are cfa registered, itemized vet records from my vet, all cat's vet in houston, texas, which specializes in cats only, and come from traditional blue eyed pointed ragdolls that are dna negative for all eight. CFA TICA Ragdoll Colorado Wyoming Rawhide Ragdolls. So, What IS a Ragdoll??? Size: Ragdolls are beautiful, docile, large affectionate cats. They can continue to grow and mature up. TICA & CFA Registered Cattery. What Is A Ragdoll? Ragdolls are the only breed of cat specifically bred for their personality. They have a very placid temperament and affectionate nature. Ragdolls often have a dog like personality. They have a tendency to follow people around, They are known to go limp and relaxed when picked up. Our Ragdolls are DNA tested negative for the Ragdoll HCM gene and are free of FELV/FiV. Our Ragdoll kittens and cats are completely healthy and free of any diseases. We are a CFA & TiCA Registered Cattery and members of RFCi and RFW. Beginning with a breeding pair of IRCA cats, this group eventually developed the Ragdoll standard currently accepted by major cat registries such as the CFA and the FIFe. During or after the spread of the Ragdoll breed in America during the early 1960s, a breeding pair of Ragdolls was exported to the UK.

Royalrags Cats is a professional Ragdoll cattery located in Overland Park, Kansas. We are TICA & CFA registered, specialized in raising beautiful, healthy, and high-quality Ragdoll cats. Rawhide Ragdolls is a small, TICA and CFA registered cattery located on a cattle ranch in SE Wyoming. Our family has many years of experience in the breeding world. We apply much of what we've learned from raising registered and commercial Black Angus cattle, AQHA Quarter Horses, and Miniature Australian Shepherds to our Ragdoll breeding. Grand Champion page of our member's Grand Champion Ragdoll cats. We are CFA club of catteries for owners and breeders of ragdoll cats containing pictures and information about the ragdoll along with a ragdoll breeder's directory.

home of most loving Ragdolls cats & kittens. We are small breeding Ragdoll cattery located in Vancouver, Washington in a short distance away from Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington. Lapdolls’ cat and kittens are registered with TICA and CFA. Our cats are members of our family, kittens grow surrounded by loving care and love. 06/07/40 · Ragdoll kittens in class judging at the 2018 CFA International Cat Show held in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. The judge is Rachel Anger. I see I don't have Rachel's Best of Breed for these kittens - did.

Hello! Welcome to BlueDreamer Ragdolls of Kansas City. Thank you for stopping by! We are a small TICA registered cattery soon to be CFA registered, as well! family show/breeder located in South Kansas City, Missouri. We strive for excellence in health, socialization, temperament and conformation.Ragdolls display a distinctively docile, affectionate, relaxed, almost "floppy" nature, along with high intelligence as well. The extremely relaxed temperament of some individual cats has led to the myth that the breed is pain-resistant, but this myth has no basis in fact, and the cats should never be treated as if they feel no pain.To the best of my knowledge, our Ragdolls have been represented at every CFA International show since. For the first season in CFA 1993-94, year end awards were offered by RAG for Ragdolls shown in CFA’s Miscellaneous Class during the season. Each of the following Ragdolls received a Certificate of Merit for their achievement.RawhideRags only sells breeding cats to TICA/CFA registered breeders, and CAGE-LESS catteries, where each cat is loved and cared for personally. We do not place our kittens in breeding homes overseas. The paperwork and our time constraints make it impossible for us to do.
  1. terns. Ragdolls are slow maturing, reaching full coat and color at about three years of age. The Ragdoll is an affectionate and intel-ligent cat, giving the impression of graceful movement and sub-dued power, striking in appearance. HEAD: size and shape: proportionately large with a broad, modi
  2. Welcome to Doll Villa Ragdolls! We are a CFA and TICA registered, small in-home cattery located in La Habra Heights, California. If you have any questions please email us at contact@. Email is our prefered way of communication.
  3. The choosing and registering of a cattery name with the Cat Fanciers' Association has sometimes proven to be rather challenging simply because of the large number of names, and similar names, that are already registered. Now, using this cattery name search tool to aid you, the entire name selection process has been simplified.
  4. ragdolls. gallery. contact. tica & cfa registered ragdolls in ohio. adults. kittens. about us. we are a small, tica registered ragdoll cattery located near cleveland, ohio.

Join the CFA Ragdoll Breed Council. The CFA Breed Councils were established in 1970 to serve as an advisory body on breed standards to the CFA Executive Board.Each of the breeds recognized by CFA for championship competition has its own Breed Council and Breed Council Secretary. TICA CFA Vanillabelle Ragdoll Cats is a New York State ragdoll cattery in the central part of NY. We have ragdoll kittens for sale and available now. We are a. They have colored ears and tails and sometimes feet. Many people think of pointed as “Siamese” looking. Be careful of websites that advertise kittens “ON SALE” or offer “RARE” Ragdolls. Accepted and recognized Ragdolls in Cat Fanciers Association CFA and The International Cat Association TICA MUST be blue eyed cats.

for the ragdolls of america group. article 1: name: this organization shall be known as ragdolls of america group hereinafter referred to as “rag” article 2: affiliation: rag shall be a nonprofit club affiliated with the cat fanciers association, inc. “cfa”. Rawhide Ragdolls - Colorado Ragdoll Kittens, Wyoming Ragdoll Cats, Kittens, Ragdoll Kittens, CFA, TICA, Nebraska Ragdolls, Ragdolls, Ragdoll Cats. We are a CFA & TICA Registered Cattery Providing quality Ragdoll kittens to Colorado, Wyoming, and other areas. Rawhide Ragdolls. Home. Kittens. Queens. Kings. Gallery. All About Ragdolls! CFA CH KS Ragdolls Wynter’s Frost of Bluedreamer. CFA CH Timberbay of Bluedreamer: KANSAS RAGDOLLS GUCCI GIRL Adopted! LOVEYBUG ASPEN WYNDE OF BLUEDREAMER is a Blue bi-color. CFA CH ROSECOTTAGE JEWEL OF BLUEDREAMER "CASSIE" OHEMGEE MISTY OF KANSAS RAGDOLLS is a Seal Point Mitted. TICA & CFA Registered. StaFra Ragdolls are currently showing in TICA cat shows. See our Ragdolls, keep up to date titles and future litter plans. We are looking forward to what our future holds. Small In-Home Cattery of TICA and CFA registered Ragdolls; TICA & CFA Member and Registered Cattery. Colorado Ragdolls, Wyoming Ragdolls, Nebraska Ragdolls, South Dakota Ragdolls, CFA Ragdolls, TICA Ragdolls, Ragdoll Breeder, CFA, TICA, WillowTreeRags, RawhideRags.

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